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We have puppies in all the pink colored states, WOW!
Poodle Palace now has puppies in 33 of the us states!


My puppies are shipped from Mid Continent Airport in Wichita Kansas.  Shipping is $375  Puppies are shipped  via "LAP NANNY" in a private plane!  My puppies do not ship major airlines anymore after they changed all the rules.....I will do my best to get the puppy to you A.S.A.P.! The very first thing you do when you get your puppy at the airport is call me and assure me that the puppy has arrived 620-456-3252.

I am always waiting patiently to hear from you so please call me asap!

Things to bring with you when picking up your puppy:
 Drivers License Cell Phone Nutrical Sugar Water Wet Wipes Towel Collar Leash
A tube of nutrical or nutristat, can be bought at any vets, petsmart or petco. Sugar water in a tupperware container, 1/2 cup of water and 2 Tablespoons of real sugar, not sweetner. Wet wipes and a towel. First give her a drink of the sugar water, hopefully the puppy will drink it, if not give it some on your finger and give them a little bit of time to get adjusted to where they are and who you are! Then give him/her the nutrical about 2 inches or the amount you would put on your toothbrush. If the puppy won't lick it from your finger, then put it on the roof of it's mouth and it won't have a choice but to swallow it, usually they just love it. All this is to stablalize their sugar so they won?t get hypoglycemic or just in case they have gotten air or motion sickness will also help with the drive home.
She will also need some soft food that can be ate separately or mixed together with the dry kibble any canned puppy brand will do Pedigree, Iams or Science Diet? They can eat this alone for a day but if you let them only eat this it may cause loose stools. I freeze water in her water bowl so the puppy has water for most of the flight. I also provide some treats, to help them have something to do, rawhide, soft treats and biscuits. The puppy will have a stuffed animal and a hard chew toy to accompany them!
 When you get them home the puppy will need to eat a little, but if it doesn't want to right away give the puppy some time to adjust, about 30 minutes then try again, if it has been four hours since the nutrical you can give another dose at this time, this is a high source of nutrients for stressed puppies and they can get by with this for a day or two without getting sick, it also helps to get their appetites back to normal. It needs to be given every 4 hours you may continue to use the whole tube if they seem to like it even after they have started eating for you.  Feeding for a puppy is 3 times a day and water at all times. If they don't still want to eat the next day, you may have to give them anything they want, hot dog, chicken, turkey or hamburger but no grease.
If you have any questions or concerns please let me know right away? These lil tykes are my life and no question is a stupid question and not to worry it has probably been asked before!
These puppies are small and cannot miss very many meals without getting run down and sick.  If you just stick to everything I tell you to do, then your new puppy should transition just fine! All of my puppies have been weaned two weeks or longer before I offer them for adoption. Please don?t leave them in the tiny crate for no longer than 4 hours a day, they are not use to this confinement.  I always recommend a laundry room or bathroom or a bigger all wire crate.
My puppies have been given tons of love and will want to give kisses and they expect a lot of attention! Puppies cannot take the hot weather only long enough to go potty and back in, they can have a heat stroke so very easily, and remember never leave them in a car with the windows cracked anything over 75* is too hot for a dog and can soon turn into 90* in a matter of minutes! So in closing I guess you have figured out that I only want my puppies to be loved and be safe. Please feel free to keep in touch and I would greatly appreciate updates &  pictures for my website?.
P.S. I always check in on my puppies the very next day either by email or a phone call!
Thank You



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Puppies may be reserved with a $100 non-refundable deposit.