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Why Make Poodle Palace Your First Choice........... 
My love for animals along with my strong desire to provide a caring environment from birth of my precious babes has been a driving force in making Poodle Palace such an amazing success.  I bought my first two poodles in 1999, and my whole life took a turn for the best, since then puppies have become my passion in life.  My whole day revolves around my puppies and dogs it is a 24/7 lifestyle.  I talk about them all day long, and I dream about them all night long, so my dad nick named me the "Dog Lady".  I have a special place in my heart that is devoted to all dogs. They fill my life with such joy and delight, and there is never a dull or boring moment.  I am so very lucky to be doing something that I dearly love. I will never forget the first puppy I sold, it was so incredibly hard to hand over "my puppy" that I had grown so attached to, I had no idea how it was going to feel, until the time had come. Of course they were a very nice older couple that was going to give her a wonderful life, but when they backed down my drive I started bawling uncontrollably, I couldn't wait to call them as soon as they arrived home that evening.  They were very understanding and put my mind at ease, I will never forget them, they have a very special memory in my heart. Can you just imagine getting all the puppy kisses anytime you want them, yes that is one of my perks?  Someone once asked my husband, "do you know all your dogs names", well of course, do you know all of your children's names, they are just like furry children. My daughter will try to tell you that I treat my dogs better than she was ever treated which isn't true at all, of course. And my husband will say "don't make her choose between me or her dogs, I know where I stand," ha, ha!  
No short cuts!  It's important that you read this!           
If you are looking for an adorable poodle, yorkie or designer mixed breed puppy you have come to the right place.  Poodle Palace strives to provide the best puppies possible, and in doing so, we take no short-cuts. We consistently go the extra mile even if it takes little more time or costs a little more money, to insure that all of our puppies are healthy, happy, quality puppies. We do not breed our females every cycle, they only have one litter a year and then they are retired at 6 years of age. I am right there everytime a litter is born, checking on the mother and
making sure the puppies are all ok. The mothers are fed puppy food after the birth to help her in maintaining
her weight and coat.

 When puppies are born, they are kept in our clean & warm environment,  like  a maternity ward for puppies. The mom and puppies are kept in a heated bed for the first three weeks of their little lives. This helps them get off to a healthy and comfortable life in a controlled atmosphere that is warm, draft free, cozy, and secure. Puppies do not develop their shivering reflex until about the third week of their lives, so it is hard to tell if they?re cold. Our puppy warming beds solve the problem.

After birth, we begin the human bonding process and socialization begins at about the second to third week -- depending on how strong, alert, and active the puppies are. We like to begin bonding as soon as they open their eyes. They are greeted several times a day with soft and gentle human voices, and they are cradled in our arms, while laying on their backs. In this position of submission, we gently rub their little puppy tummies so they can begin to build trust towards humans. It is important that a lot of time be spent with puppies at this important developmental time of their lives, so they can learn to feel secure with humans.
We allow puppies to nurse for as long as they want, because their mother's milk provides valuable antibodies that will help your puppy have a stronger immune system to fight off different kinds of future sickness. By keeping puppies for just two weeks longer (ten weeks vs. eight weeks) you'll get a stronger puppy that is less stressed. We will remove your puppies dew claws and dock their tails (if needed) at about the third day of their life. Your puppy will be groomed at least twice prior to being adopted by you. This is an important part of the socialization process -- it helps the puppies get used to the bathing as well as the sound and feel of electric clippers.. and your puppy will look positively adorable!

 My adult dogs have a large fenced in play area where they can play, excercise, mingle with one another, they get plenty of sunshine and lots of fresh country air. I also have a seperate room for showing puppies to potential customers, where they can hold, cuddle, pet and get to know the puppies. And with weather permitting the puppies can be taken out in the grass to see how they play and interact with one another and possibly their new families. We have a brand new custom built 20 X 40 building for our puppies and dogs.  This is also where I do their baths, groomings and where I do the dogs laundry, they all have stuffed animals, toys, pillows and beds that need washed.
We care very much about our puppies and their well-being. They are very much a part of our family. We enjoy each and every puppy and we know the love, affection and a lifetime of companionship they will bring to their new families. We have a responsibility to each and every puppy to ensure they are happy, healthy and well adjusted puppies. We also have the responsibility to ensure that they are placed in loving homes that share the same dedication that we do. Poodle Palace has enabled me to reach a lot of my goals in life, and have a lot of fun helping so many nice people find the perfect puppy. I feel very lucky to have had such a good opportunity come along, and I look forward to working with you. We would like to thank you for visiting our website. If you are interested in the possiblility of adding one of our puppies to your family or if you just have a some questions feel free to contact us by e-mail or phone. We look forward to and welcome the opportunity to chat with you. Check back often for updates.

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The Poodle Palace Puppies Are:
Sold with a 72 hour warranty against contagious diseases
 Sold with a one year warranty for Congenital Defects of the Heart, Lungs and Liver
 Registered with AKC & APR 
Up to date on Vaccinations & Deworming
 Groomed & Bathed (puppy cologne)
Provided with a Puppy Kit (Food & Treats)
Socialized and Prespoiled With Lots Of Love









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