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   Happily Ever After.....
 Bianca & Koby "Teddy Bear"
Puddles & Bella (maltipoos)
1 red maltipoo with 3 lil kids = 4 red heads!
Gail & her new baby morkie
McSwaim family with their teddy bear puppy!
Roxy found a new friend! (teddy bear)
Baby maltipoo with her new baby!
Kaitlin & Tank (yorkipoo)
"Hamilton" and his girls! (teddy bear)
Ken & Rita's love bug Copper! (poodle)
 Matt & Chassey with their new furbaby Jax! (maltipoo)
 The Downey Family & Teddy (poodle)
Lori & Mike with Milo (shiffon)
Milo flew into Boston!
Sandy & Hawkeye
Sandy drove all the way from S.C. to pick
up her new lil  fur baby! (yorkie)
Daisy & Milo in SC! (yorkies)
Jenny & Star  (shipoo)
Wedding Day!
I just wanted to let you know that Rocco is doing great. 
I picked him up at the airport and he gave me a bunch of kisses.
He is just so loving and adorable. I couldn't have asked for a better puppy. 
His coat is gorgeous and he smells nice too. 
Thanks so much for taking great care of him. 
I took him to the vet today and they said he was in perfect health.
My daughter is in heaven and she will not let him go. (maltipoo)
Here are some pics of our little Maggie!
She has made herself right at home with our family,
and we all love her so much! (yorkipoo)
 Benji tells everyone that he has two homes and misses each
equally when he's not there: 
Johns Hopkins and at home
with his family and puppies.
Sawyer (yorkiepoo) is wonderful because he hasn't even
tried to mess with Benji's tubies. 
It is almost like he knows and follows Benji everywhere. 
He might just be our little guardian angel!
Hammie & Zoe riding with their daddy on his motorcycle
during vacation on Padre Island.
They both love to ride, not scared at all! (yorkipoos)
He is absolutely adored by our entire household.
Alex & Kirby becoming cuddle buddies on the sofa!
He is making himself right at home with our other dog "Poop".
Kirby loves to go for car rides with Alex, he already made a trip to Petsmart!
Here are a few pictures of my boys. 
They are doing so GREAT.  Everyone just loves them. 
By the way, Jake, the taller, slimmer one now weighs 5 lbs. 
He's the athlete, jumping and climbing and showing off. 
Johnny, the shorter, fluffier one weighs 6 1/2 lbs.  
They are just a ball to have.  Lisa (peekapoos)
Hi Roxanne! Hope all is well.  
Just wanted to send you some updated pictures
from our walk on the beach here in San Diego!  
Bella is doing great!!!  
Thanks again for everything!! (morkie)
I wanted to send you a few pictures of Kobe and let you know how wonderful he is doing. 
He is absolutely the best dog in the entire world. 
I swear he thinks he is our child.....
He loves to follow us around and he is the best snuggler. 
He loves sleeping under the covers and also
loves running around outside like his tail is on fire! 
Thank you and hope all is well!
Allison, Josh & Kobe
Hi Roxanne! 
Here is a picture of Georgie. 
She is an angel and I just love her! 
I hope all is well in Kansas. 
Best wishes, Natasha  (morkie)

When we got them, you told me the one was "a little boob". 
They are still the same way. 
The one on the right where they are on the birdbath is Razzy,
and the other is Rusty.  Rusty was "the boob". 
He's my little cuddler. 
Razzy is always trying to find some kind of mischief to get in. 
Does a very good job of it.
They have been a delight to have, and as you can see,
they have turned into little hams.  Thanks so much for them! (poodles)
Ginger & Rusty (poodles)
 Howie is such a special Yorkipoo to us! He is about to turn 2.
He loves to prance on his back hind legs when we come home for the day
or when other family and friends come to visit!
He also enjoys playing fetch with his toys, sleeping under the covers,
sleeping in til noon sometimes,
and being the man of the house when my dad is not around! 
He is very loving and has been the greatest addition to the Kraisinger family!
We love him! 
P.s. He also loves to show off for the camera and pose like he is doing in this photograph! :)
We have been very happy with Preston as an addition to our family. 
My son has been a huge help in playing, pottying and training him. 
Preston can come when called, sit and he?s learning to stay. (morkie)   
Here are some pictures of Miley our little Morkie. We love her to death.
  She will be one in november but still has a lot of puppy energy.
We tease her that she is more like a cat than a dog because
  of the way she pounces anything that moves.
  She is just barely 3 1/2 pounds now but not scared of anything.
  We couldn't be happier thank you so much for such a great little puppy.
Josh and I cannot thank you enough for bringing little Kobe Bongo into our lives. 
  He is finally used to his crate and no longer cries when he goes in there. 
  Infact, we have him trained so when he sees the puppy Kong
  filled with peaunut butter, he runs right into his crate and lays down
  patiently waiting for his treat. 
  Recently during Labor Day weekend, we took Kobe boating on the lake
  where we made him wear a puppy life jacket. 
  He wasn't to happy about that but at least he was safe! 
  Once again, thank you so much for our little baby.
I promise to always be your co-pilot!!
Tucker is a smart little dog! 
He is about to master the doggie door.  He just doesn't quite
 understand that he has to push with his head to open it
 or maybe that he needs to push harder. 
Tucker was too wiggly for Daniel to hold him so I could see
Daniel's face, but I think you get the idea that he likes him. 
These are my other two grandchildren who also love Tucker.
It wasn't easy getting this picture of my children and me!
Bella sporting a fashionable 2 pc summer outfit!
Tyra Banks lookout.....
Carter looking dashing!
Bella and Carter are curled up sleeping on the back
of my sofa right now and they look as sweet as can be. 
They really love each other and spend the bulk of their time together,
snuggling and playing.
Grant & Boomer getting ready to enjoy a swim in the lake!
Boomer is playing more, he likes the raquetball a lot and plays tug of war. 
He is really attached to me.  He likes to chase Grant around and go on walks with Mel.  He is still such a cutie and has a good personality.
Chloie is absolutly adorable and everyone loves her! She is such a little porky girl! She eats anytime she isn't playing or sleeping. Sometimes she will even stop in the middle of running around, grabs a bite, then takes off again. My little goofball! Chloie and Bear play ALL THE TIME! When I take her out of the cage he has to poke his head in there, wags his tail and is ready to play. She's also learned how to fetch from her big brother! Thanks for everything!
Bozlee is doing great and such a sweetie!
Fetches now and has just this week been able to get up our stairs
but cannot get down! We are really enjoying him.  We sure do love him!
Happy Valentines Day!
Tator Tot
Here's some pics of Ryder our pekapoo. The kids love him, they were so excited. 
He slept all night in his crate.  He whines when he wants something, it's so cute.
Yes, Ryder was sucking on the pacy his self, we were cracking up trying to get a picture.
Aspen never liked that pacy so I gave it to him. He is too funny.  We love him!
Boston is doing well.  He has been a real joy to our family. 
 He loved to be outside this weekend, he ran and ran and ran. 
Just wanted to send you a picture of Jade and let you know that she is doing well.
We are glad to have her as a part of our family. Thank you again!
Hello Roxanne,
      Presley is doing wonderful... She curls up on my pillow and sleeps most of the night with me.
Her eating is normal and potty training is going good.
She never barks and only cries for a minute when I have to put her in her box while I'm at work.
We've already went shopping a few times and she is starting to like it. 
She's a doll and everyone just loves her. 
She just prooved that she can go up the stairs too... it's so cute how she hops all over the place.
She's a good girl, I'm very happy with her...
Riley is doing so well.  He's been a great addition to our family. 
 He loves to play with his toys and is nearly house-broken. 
He loves to play with the cat.  Unfortunately she doesn't feel the same way.
He's walking great with a leash and loves to go for long walks with Reid.
 We bought him two sweaters for the holidays and he loves them.
We've had so many great comments about Riley. 
In fact, two families in our area are watching your website for more malti-poos.
Thanks for making Reid's Christmas wishes come true. 
He has his puppy and we all couldn't be happier!
Happy Holidays Roxanne! 
Mandi and Koty are doing great-they get pretty playful in this cooler weather! 
However, neither one likes going out in the snow much
(and we have had a lot of snow so far this fall and winter). 
Here is a picture of them that was taken this summer with our girls in Branson, MO. 
Mandi is still around 4#, and Koty is a little over 8# (Mandi, however, is still the boss!). 
Thanks for keeping in touch!
Maisy is such a doll!   Sadie our other dog has never been so excited.
She is happy to have someone to play with.
She won't stop sniffing her. I got home about 11:15
from work and she was asleep next to our bed in her crate.
She woke up about 1:15am crying so I took her outside.
Brought her in and she just wanted to play  : )
I put her in her crate and she cried for about 15 minutes on and off and
slept the rest of the night. She is downstairs with everyone now playing.
Shannon put some wet/dry food on a spoon and she ate maybe a spoonful and 
wants nothing else. She is more interested in our house.
  Talk to you soon.
Update on Maisy,
 she is doing wonderful. She thinks she is a big dog like Sadie.
She stopped eating wet food first week and started to eat out of Sadie's bowl.
So much for buying little bowls for her. Not her style.
She chases Sadie like crazy around the house and they play so well together. 
Loves to take her food and run behind the couch.
She chews big pieces up and leaves it there. Ha ha..........
I am always cleaning it up. She weighs 3.6 lbs now.
The dogs are all getting along well now.  Sawyer and the new puppy (Carter) are
playing this morning and Tucker is too mature for such things and hanging out upstairs.
Carter thinks he belongs sitting on top of my desk while I work and is currently
chewing on my wedding ring as I try to type.
Thanks so much for both of our little guys they have made our lives so much better..
I just wanted to share some pictures of Sammy. He is such a sweet, ornery little boy,
with a great personality.  He is 6 months old, and has just been fixed.  
Thanks Roxanne, He is a wonderful dog. I look at your web site all the time,
you sure have some cute puppies.  I wish I could get another, but I think one is enough.    
Roxanne; Here is the picture you took at the airport.
PeeWee is doing so well.  Mom says he eats plenty. 
He loves to run around and is full of energy. 
He is strictly in-doors excepting the occasional
outing in a fabulous puppy carrier! 
He is being litter box trained and seems to be doing well with that. 
Mom says he is an absolute joy and now
has something to take her mind off her illnesses. 
Clayton & Bailey love to play with her! 
Cali loves to play outside and has even experienced her first earthquake
(only a 3.7) and a dip in the pool (accidental I might add). 
 Her trip from Kansas to California was without a problem -
she was quiet all the way home! 
Cali is the best puppy - she doesn't cry or whine
 and is doing an excellent job with potty training! 
 She is such a fun addition to our family! 
Thank you so much for raising such a darling puppy!
Just wanted to follow up with you on Marley.
Everyone loves him, my parents,
Kurtis parents our neighbors....he is hard not to love.
He eats good, plays a lot and is doing well with potty training.
He follows me every where I go. He runs around our backyard chasing us.
He has a million toys and chews on everything. Hope all is well in the puppy business.
It has been a while, how are you?  Here are some new pictures I took ofMarley.
He has lost six teeth and is chewing like crazy.  He loves his
bones and cow hoofs!  He is potty training and does well with a crate,
he has graduated to the top floor of the house while we are at work.  We
leave the radio on and he plays all day waiting for us.  He is getting a
little bigger, 4 pounds, however you can really see how small he is
during bath time!  Hope all is well at the poodle palace and with your
family.  Take Care,

Thornton is such a sweetheart and he is so much fun.  Of course, my life was much
simpler before he got big enough to jump on the furniture, but he is a good friend. 
He surely does like being able to go in and out of the house whenever he wants. 
He is just one pretty fine dog.
Hello Roxanne, Sending you pics of Haley and Annabelle.
Haley is doing good. 
She eats well and has quite an appetite.
Haley is so spoiled,
she doesn't even want to go out to potty by herself! 
She likes one of us to go out with her and stay out until
she decides she is ready to come in. 
She does like playing outside.
She is a very smart and loving dog.  She is one of my "girls". 
Between her and Annabelle, I definitely stay busy. 
 Haley follows me everywhere I go in the house or yard, as does Annabelle.
  They are both my baby girls!
Roxanne;  Just wanted to send you a new picture of Brodie and Maddie
(half/brother and sister). Maddie is our son Connor's girlfriends puppy .
 They get together and play sometimes.
Maddie is quite a bit bigger than Brodie and has much thicker fur. 
We are totally enjoying Brodie. He has been a wonderful addition to our family
and with him being our first puppy ever, we think we made an exceptional choice.
I work part-time and take him to a friends house for the day
 when I work so he won't be lonely. I feel like I am doing Daycare
which I never even did when my kids were little since I was home with them!
Hope you are doing well, you sure have some cute puppies on your web-site. Tempting??
Sadie is wonderful and a perfect example of her breed.
She is such a good dog and is well mannered and behaved.
Everyone who sees her remarks about her markings. She is a pretty girl.
      Our puppy is getting along great! We decided to name her Fergie.
 She went to the Vet on Monday for her shots and check up.
He told us she weighs a little over 2.5 lbs. and looks very healthy.
 She is eating very well and has a wonderful,
 fun-loving personality!  Fergie loves playing with our
Bulldog-guess who the boss is?!?  Imagine little Fergie bossing around 
our 55 lb. Bulldog, it's quite a funny sight!Fergie is a wonderful companion and
the perfect addition to our family. She loves all of her new play toys
 and looks adorable in her sparkly pink sweater and
Swarovski crystal collar; the ultimate girly-girl!
 We can't wait for her hair to get a bit longerso we can put bows in it.
 We are absolutely thrilled to have her! 
Hello!  Thought you might like to see some pics of Fonzie! 
He is doing great...perfectly housetrained...a couple of accidents I guess,
but they were our fault....he was trying to tell us, and we couldn't take him out right away. 
He is getting along great with our other dog Allie...they are so cute to watch play! 
He has a blast jumping around and chasing the kids all around the yard.  I
 left for a bit to take my mom home, and my daughter said that he just paced back
and forth the whole time I was gone until she picked him up! 
I think he definitely is going to be a mama's boy.  
Bentley is doing wonderful!
He absolutely loves to chew on bones. 
He knows his name and knows how to come,
sit and knows the word no. 
He loves people!  He loves getting any type of attention
and he has starting to sleep all through the night without
having to go outside to potty.  Its been a great experience,
 I couldn't have asked for a better dog!

 I have attached Gamay & Beaujoulos Halloween picture.
They won 2nd prize at the vets!
She is getting used to being kenneled now, which is a huge relief. 
And, she HATES to go out in the rain!
She's a VERY HAPPY little girl.
You did good, and we couldn't possibly love her more.
Heidi is doing great! She is a wonderful pet.  We are enjoying her very much and she's pretty happy too!  Thank you for such a sweet dog!
I thought you might like an update on Abby. She is a good eater and just a joy to have. She is not shy and does not know she is a little dog and will try to play with any dog she sees regardless of size. Abby and Sadie get along very well and I think Abby has been good for Sadie.
  Gracie is doing very well. 
We've been doing apretty good job of spoiling her.
We named our lil girl Cory and needless to say she is really getting spoiled already. I hope you love the pictures she is so sweet. Tom and I just love her.
Just wanted to send you an updated photo of Abby and her big sister Sadie. And tell you how well she is doing. She is just a joy to have around. I don't know what I would do with out her. I call her my little shadow as she follows me everywhere I go!
Everything is going well here with Lola.  She is a wonderful puppy and is getting lots of love.
Just wanted you to know the girls are doing well. They had their first visit to the vet last night. Both are healthy and have no problems. They seem to have adjusted well to their new home.  About 9:30 each night they get tired and both fall asleep on my lap. Vern is kind of jealous because both want to be on my lap.  He waits till they fall asleep and then takes one to his chair.
Gamay is in to everything and seems to be the more energetic of the two. Beaujolais (Boots) seems to need a little more affection and
likes to be held more often, but seems to be the protector.
They love to chase and wrestle with each other. I really get a kick
out of watching them.
Lily is doing great and has been a wonderful addition to our house. She has won the hearts of everyone.  Brian's mom has taken her on a couple occasions so that her ladies can see her. She has a beauty shop at her house, and now they are requesting her presence when they come for the next appointment.  She is perfect and we love her bunches. Everyone that has met her thinks she is wonderful and such a cutie. I just love when I get home she is at the door waiting for me and she is so excited to see me everyday. Thanks for everything you have done, she really could not be a better puppy!!!!!!
I thought I'd drop you a quick line and let you know how Snickers is doing.  She has grown some, but is still pretty little.  She is spoiled rotten and is as cute as she can be.  She has us rapped around her paw. Ha  Just thought you might like to see her now.  She  just doesn't  like her baths real well. Ha!
Jules and Stella on our steps in New York City.

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